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Special Qualification ‚Chinese Law‘


Chinese Law is gaining more and more importance for German lawyers and practitioners. Since China is increasing its market shares in any aspect – trade, manufacturing, and investment – it creates demand for special knowledge of Chinese Law. It does so not only in China, but in Germany alike. Therefore the Faculty of Law of University of Osnabrück offers regular courses on related topics.  Combining these lectures and seminars provides participants with a good knowledge base, enabling them to enter relevant markets.

Apart from events in the faculty of law, CIRCLE offers more related lectures and workshops – as an Introduction into the Chinese Economic Culture – and thus provides participants with a wide angle of views and in-depth experiences.

In order to give participants of related courses documentation for future employers, we prepare for a certificate ‚Chinese Law‘, recognizing active participation of at least 8 related courses (lectures and seminars) and other events. As soon as we have approval by our faculty, we will present further details.